Our Intent

At Pegasus pupils will have the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills and learn how to apply them in different ways. The curriculum is designed to develop fundamental movement skills and give all pupils the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

Pupils will be challenged to achieve their personal best and see the best in everyone, whether in lesson or at competition. Physical Education will promote a love of learning through a child centred approach, shifting responsibility to our learners, with our key drivers at the very heart, Respect, Determination, Creativity, Confidence, Enthusiasm and Ambition.

Key Driver


Enquiry Q


I can show active compassion with others in-order to empower them with their learning. I apply empathy in lessons demonstrating my ability to understand and share my feelings with another.

What does good sportsmanship look like?


I can understand how Growth mind-set can help me develop my abilities and others through dedication and hard work. It is through hard work and working with quality that I will improve my fundamental movement skills.

How can you achieve your personal best?


I can overcome barriers by successfully dealing with them head on. I understand I will need to respond with imagination and disguise in order to improve performance.

How can you outwit an opponent during competition?


I will develop an appreciation of my own quality through regular practice and use the opportunities in lesson to showcase this. I understand how confidence can affect performance and will work independently and collaboratively to practice this.

How can I use physical education to improve self-esteem?


I can understand that I must approach all tasks with enthusiasm and a commitment to learning if I want to improve. I will embrace tasks I cannot currently achieve easily and demonstrate the drive and practice it takes to be successful. 

Why must athletes retain their interest and enjoyment in sport to be successful?


I am inspired by sports people and want to mirror their ambition to reach success in my own learning. I understand I can become an inspirational character for others and will embrace this challenge.

What is the consequence of remaining in your comfort zone?


Our Curriculum of Study



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Fundemental Movement skills 1

Object Manipulation

Locomotion 1

Target Games 1

Net and Wall Games Skills 1

Athletics 1

Year 1

Fundemental Movemnet Skills 1

Invasion Games Skill 1

Fundemental Movemnet Skills 2

Locomotion 2

Fundemental Movement Skills 3

Athletics 2

Year 2

Fundemetnal Movement Skill 2

Invasion Games Skills 2

Target Games 3

Fundemental Movement Skills 3

Stiking and Fielding Game Skills 2

Athletics 2

Year 3



Health Related Fitness

Gymnastics – Recevieng Body Weight



Year 4



Health Related Fitness

Gymnastics – Rolling and Travelling Low



Year 5


Football/ Basketball





Year 6


Football/ Basketball

Health Related Fitness




Ofsted School Sports Gold Award School Sports Gold Award PSQM

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