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  • Big Thank You to Magdalen College School

    Posted on 12th Mar

    Today we received a letter from Magdalen College School with some lovely positive comments. We have been very fortunate to have students from MCS working with Y4 after school helping with maths. The children love working with them and they work extremely hard. Dr. Anne COtton (Head of Outreach at MCS) writes in her letter "We cannot thank you enough for providing us with the opportunit...

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  • Letter from Minister of State for Schools

    Letter from Minister of State for Schools

    Posted on 18th Feb

    Today we received a letter from Rt Hon David Laws MP, the Minister of State for Schools asking Pegasus if they would be a pupil premium reviewer. "Your school's results for disadvantaged pupils in recent years shows that you have expertis...

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  • Living Nativity in Blackbird Leys

    Living Nativity in Blackbird Leys

    Posted on 18th Dec

    Last night a magical Living Nativity took place in Blackbird Leys Park for the children and the families of Orchard Meadow, Pegasus and Windale Schools. Hundreds of people gathered in the rainy darkness to celebrate the traditional Christmas journ...

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  • Chess in Schools

    Chess in Schools

    Posted on 8th Dec

    Today 14 children from Y4 and Y5 went to London Olympia to join the Chess in Schools event. Schools from all over the country took part in several games and matches and the children were absolutely fantastic. The event was organised by Sir Roy Goo...

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  • Owls come to Pegasus!

    Owls come to Pegasus!

    Posted on 2nd Dec

    Written by Maisie and Damien in 1H   This week we were really lucky as some real owls came to visit us. We all sat really still and waited for the owls to come out of their box. There were two owls, a horned owl,which is very close...

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