Yr 5 report on RNIB visit

Please see below a report on the visit by some of the children:

On Tuesday (8th November) Ian and Bernard, who have been blind since birth, came to explain how they live their lives. When they were only five, they had to leave their families and go to live in a special school for the blind. Being blind is hard because you can’t see where you are, you can’t understand colours and it is difficult to do ordinary things like shopping, cooking or catching a bus.

However, amazingly, both Ian and Bernard live on their own. Although being independent is hard, they manage with the help of guide dogs, food-scanning pens, braille writing, and talking computers. Unfortunately, some people are unkind to them, but they try to ignore this, even though it makes them feel sad.

This visit has helped us to understand blindness much better. It was a privilege to meet them.

By Tayibbah, Ellie, Lewis D and Cameron.