School Staff List


Headteacher: Francis Murphy

Deputy Headteacher: Georgia Maddocks (Y5 and Y6 Phase Leader)

Assistant Headteachers: Sarah McIntyre (on Maternity Leave) / Kathy Hodder-Williams (EYFS Phase Leader), Charlie Pitt (Y3 & Y4 Phase Leader) and Beth Wilson (Y1 & Y2 Phase Leader)

SENCO Lead: Kathy Hodder-Williams

School Manager: Jane Caffyn

School Administration: Marie Gildea (Finance), Lisa Pagano (Attendance) and Sam Thorne (Receptionist)

Nursery Teachers: Stacey Curtis (on Maternity Leave) /  Lyndsey Bloomfield and Lucy Walton

Reception Teachers:  Holly Broom (Class RB) and Clare Southern (Class RS)

Year 1 Teachers: Nousha Kiani (Class 1K) and Julia Byatt (Class 1B)

Year 2 Teachers: Louise Cobb (Mon-Wed) Louise McMaster (Class 2CR) and Michaela Hicks (Class 2H)

Year 3 Teachers: Helen Wood (Class 3W) and Jim Brown (Class 3B)

Year 4 Teachers: Christine Richardson (Mon-Wed), Charlie Pitt (Class 4RP) and Emily Clements (Class 4C)

Year 5 Teachers:  Rebecca Blackwell (Class 5B) and  Edmund Helliwell (Class 5H)

Y6 Teachers: Roxanne May (Class 6M) and Anita Handa (Class 6H)

Home School Link Workers: Carol Caufield (Child Protection and Attendance Lead) and Linda Poore (Anti Bullying/Racism Champion and CP Support)

Family and Outdoor Learning: Rachel Walding and Fiona Thomson-Tur (Forest School - Thursday)

Maths Leads: Michaela Hicks (EYFS-Y2) and Ed Helliwell (Y3-Y6)

English Leads: Rebecca Blackwell (EYFS-Y2) and Roxy May (Y3-Y6)

Middle Leaders: Louise McMaster (Family Links), Emily Clements (School Council), Helen Wood (MFL) and Anita Handa (PSHE, Cit and RSE)