Pegasus has an Local Governing Body of local and co-opted members all of whom share Blackbird Academy Trust schools vision and are actively involved with Pegasus. They consider the outcomes for the children and the opportunities and experiences that each one has in school and how well they function in terms of the Blackbird Academy Trust vision.

The chair of Pegasus Local Governing Body is also a member of the Blackbird Academy Trust Governing Body. This is the group of people who are legally responsible for the whole academy trust. The trustees are nominated from our academy sponsors, two from Family Links, two from Hamilton Trust, four from the Dragon School and one Local Authority representative.

All those involved in governance share the same visions and aspirations for the children of our community and the same determination to play their part in bringing this vision to life.

Pegasus Local Governing Body Members Email
Jane Watret (Chair)
Francis Murphy  
Ed Helliwell  
Helen Cook  
Mark Robertshaw  
Jane Caffyn  
Mike O'Regan  
Siaqa Akhmad  
Katie Towers-Clark