At Pegasus and all the schools in the Blackbird Academy Trust, children, teachers and the wider community are working together to shape our schools – creating a culture which challenges expectations, broadens horizons and creates new opportunities for children to thrive.

At The Blackbird Academy Trust, we believe:

  • Every child can achieve great outcomes – when we are sufficiently skilled and determined.
  • Teachers can be empowered to transform learning – when they are nurtured and supported.
  • Schools can transform not just individual lives, but whole societies – when we create an inspiring learning environment.
  • Great leaders help all staff to grow and develop  - when they create a culture of collective challenge.

With an experienced, passionate and committed group of sponsors and senior leaders, The Blackbird Academy is striving to instigate change. We are creating an outstanding learning experience across three primary schools, that will transform education for those who need it the most. 

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn, develop and succeed—from nursery through to year 6—and we have a responsibility to ensure that we provide the best possible educational experiences for the children in our care.