School Improvement

Each school carries out rigorous self-evaluation, working out what their strengths are and where the weaknesses are.

This is supported through many different mechanisms; quality assurance and monitoring visits from the Trustees, advisory body and external bodies – of course, including Ofsted!

We also arrange peer school reviews each year. This means that all 3 Headteachers, together with a completely external school improvement specialist carry out an in depth review of each school. This shared approach helps us be certain we have identified the right areas to work upon.

As a result of this self evaluation each school draws up an action plan detailing what they are aiming to achieve, what actions they’ll take and by what deadlines. They detail milestones on the journey and success criteria so we know when we’ve got there! This is very closely monitored, evaluated and adjusted as necessary by the advisory body and trustees.

An overview of what has been achieved recently and the next priorities can be found on each schools website. 

School Improvement Plan

To make sure all teachers are good or outstanding

We think our teachers are wonderful, however some are at the start of their careers and some are more experienced. We want to share our expertise, visit other schools and improve the quality of how we teach.

To make sure we know how assess the new national curriculum

There is a brand new way of assessing children and we need to become experts at it. We were really experienced in the last system but we now need to learn a new one. The new curriculum has higher standards and we need to adjust our teaching and learning.

To make sure our KS1 results are better.

Our children leave KS2 (Y3-6) with very good results – they are above the minimum standard and the children do very well. In KS1 (Y1-2) we want the same standard and we want to improve to make sure we are as good as the rest of the country. 

To make sure our children’s writing gets better.

We want to help our children become really good writers. Our cursive handwriting is already having an impact. We are currently part of the Pie Corbett, Talk for Writing, scheme that helps children learn through stories.

To support children with special educational needs.

There is a new code of practice and we are making sure that all children make good progress. We want children, regardless of their special educational need, to do well. High expectations for all!